based in San Diego, gospelthread's mission is to rekindle the church's love for the gospel in the bible.

Why we think pastors are heroes

Another Commentary?

Part 6

Gospelthread is a digital media platform for distributing a gospel-centered bible commentary that is concisecurated and crowdsourced.

If you’ve read the first five parts in this series, you know almost all there is to know about what gospelthread is, our mission, and how we plan to accomplish the mission. But we have one thing left to tell you about, and it’s not nuts-and-bolts like the rest of what we’ve blogged about recently. This goes much deeper. This is personal.

Spoiler alert: We think gospelthread can do a few things for pastors that no other bible resource can.

The mission of gospelthread is to rekindle the church’s love for the gospel in the bible. It’s a revival mission. We want to help millions of ordinary believers encounter the grace of Jesus on every page of their bibles. The mission is to provide laypeople around the world with a digital resource they don’t currently have.

But if you scroll very far into our website, our social media feeds, or this blog, you will soon discover the heart of gospelthread. Our heart is for pastors. They’re the ones rolling out of bed at 1 a.m. and dragging themselves down to the hospital for one of their members. They’re laboring for the gospel, serving God’s beloved children, pouring themselves out. Their ministries are targets. Their families sacrifice.

Pastors are heroes—and you’re probably nodding along right now if you’ve ever been shepherded by a Christlike pastor.

Essentially everything we do comes from a place of wanting to amplify and fortify the good, gospel-centered work being done at the local level by your pastor.

But it would be cheap just to make that assertion without backing it up. So here are three key ways that gospelthread will actually serve pastors which also happen to be part of what makes gospelthread a new kind of commentary.

1.  By promoting their ministries on our platform

Because paper commentaries are published by publishers, and publishers need to make money to distribute their resources, even the best-intentioned of houses must, by necessity, seek out authors who bring their own built-in audience. The bigger, the better. This is no secret, and there’s no shame in it, either.

But we’re doing the opposite thing.

We’re building the platform and gathering many pastors into the circle, regardless of the size of their audience. Eventually, we know, their combined horsepower will put gospelthread in front of thousands of believers. We’d love to land some heavy hitters—guys with huge followings on Twitter and book credits to their name. But we’ll rejoice all the same when some guy nobody’s ever heard of climbs aboard and starts serving up the gospel on a silver platter.

The bottom line here is that we’re building an international platform for gospel-centered pastors of any shape and size. Picture some obscure church in flyover country where the pastor slaves away on his sermons for a few dozen people, week after week. How much glory will it bring God when that guy’s gospel teaching finds its way onto gospelthread and then around the globe in an instant? To think that believers would be reading his commentary in foreign languages, that other preachers would be using it to craft their own messages, that ordinary folks would be brushing their teeth to it for their morning devotions.

Any pastor, author or teacher who can exposit a passage and uncover the gospel consistently in 400 to 600 words is welcome to help themselves to gospelthread’s platform. That’s what we’re here for.

2.  By building a resource they can give to their own people

As Sam shared in his testimony of being “more fully converted” as a preacher, there is a longing in every pastor’s heart for his people to live in the power of the gospel. And that happens when they read the bible as the story of God’s unfolding redemption—as a record of the gospel on every page. Ultimately, that is what gospelthread is designed to help them do.

Let’s be clear: This resource does not currently exist.

From the beginning, we’ve been painfully aware of the need for gospelthread, and we are working as hard and fast as we can to make it a reality because we want to be the guys handing the paintbrush to the artist so he can just keep painting.

3.  By partnering with them to transpose their spoken messages into quality writing

Most pastors are good speakers, but not good writers, and we don’t expect them to earn their Master of Fine Arts before coming to us. That’s why we’re building a team of editors. We love pastors and are honored to serve them, so we will provide the writing expertise they don’t have and help them further their message on the page.

This certainly means more work for us, but we think that supporting pastors in this way is a means of accomplishing our mission to rekindle the church’s love for the gospel in the bible.

Pray with us

  • That God would embed a love of pastors—and a desire to serve them—deep within the emerging culture of gospelthread.
  • That we would find grace as we establish editorial methods to convert raw sermon notes into high-quality written content.
  • That God would bring more editors to help us carry the workload.

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