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Profitable, but not for profit

Another Commentary?

Part 4

Gospelthread is a digital media platform for distributing a gospel-centered bible commentary that is concise, curated and crowdsourced.

This is the fourth in a series about what makes gospelthread unique, and today we’re unpacking two very different but important features. Building a ministry team to curate our content requires that we establish gospelthread as a non-profit corporation. So, here’s how this is going to work.

Being nonprofit and publishing curated content may seem to be unrelated themes, but they are, in fact, directly connected. Establishing a nonprofit corporation is what will allow us to curate thousands of commentary posts and pieces of visual art. If we were a for-profit corporation, we would most likely need to pay for all of our content, which would require massive capital up front and obviously change the nature of the project.

A lot of folks have wondered what exactly we mean by “curated,” so we’ll start there.


—to select, organize and present online content or information, typically using professional or expert knowledge

Across the country, in churches large and small, hundreds of gospel-centered sermons are being preached every week. The content for this amazing commentary is already out there. It resides in sermon notes, and we think it’s a shame that a life-giving sermon would reach the end of its useful life by Monday morning, filed away and forgotten.

When we say “curated,” then, we’re referring to the bulk of the work that gospelthread will be doing—not generating bible commentary, but gathering, editing and publishing it.

What is critically needed is a professional team of editors to process the dozens of posts a month that will be flowing in from around the world as soon as next year. As the Editor-in-Chief, it is Tom’s job to oversee this side of the operation, which we anticipate will take five to ten years to complete.

There is an entire harvest to be had within the church—a harvest of repentance and renewed belief in the gospel. We believe gospelthread is going to play a part in that revival. Indeed, this is God’s promised plan for renewing the church and bringing many people to the knowledge of Christ.

We who are from the church are asking you, the church, to send us to mine this gold/collect this (body of content/these gospel nuggets) from the church/storehouses of wonderful gospel-centered preachers worldwide, for the glory of God and the growth of the gospel in and through the church.


—not making or conducted primarily to make a profit

We’ve spent the past few weeks blogging about what makes gospelthread different than the dozens of other good commentaries already available, and this is one major difference: Whereas printed commentaries must rely on book sales and profit margins to grow and spread, we can give gospelthread to the church without charging anyone.

Being a nonprofit simply reflects our heart to be servants of the church and an encouragement to pastors, whose work can often feel isolated and uphill (more on that in our last post in the series). We are deeply committed to serving and supporting the gospel-centered movement, and we hope to always maintain a posture that is for the profit of the church alone.

But there are still expenses, of course. This work requires a mixed team of paid and volunteer editors, and we are already seeking finances to begin work on the professional website and mobile app that are the two essential elements of any digital media platform. Networking and spreading the word about gospelthread—which requires attending conferences, traveling to meet with leaders, and marketing bandwidth—require financial resources, as well.

That’s why we are raising support. This project is entirely reliant on the generosity of our supporters. Instead of martialing startup capital and courting angel investors, we are prayerfully pursuing financial partners who love the mission of gospelthread like we do, and desire to play a part in rekindling the church’s love for the gospel in the bible.

Pray with us

  • About joining our team of financial supporters and helping us give this resource to the church.
  • That God will provide the editorial personnel to curate a heavy load of content.
  • That God will give Sam wisdom as he establishes gospelthread as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and leads the organization.
  • That Tom will find grace to lead the editorial operation of gospelthread with complete reliance on God’s strength and wisdom.
  • That we will make connections with pastors and writers all over the globe who can provide content that’s on point and filled with the life of the gospel.

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