based in San Diego, gospelthread's mission is to rekindle the church's love for the gospel in the bible.

gospelthread: take one

If gospelthread was a for-profit company and someone asked us what business we were in, our immediate reply would be: The content business.

We are in the business of crowdsourcing a concise, gospel-centered bible commentary, which means churning out more than 2,400 posts covering the entire bible in the years to come. We have high standards for each one of those posts. And we have very specific goals for the way the user experiences our content.

One thing this means is that we are going to have to get good at making videos. In the months to come, we’re going to start spinning off short clips ready-made for social sharing that help people see the gospel throughout the scriptures. Our goal is to produce a video for every single post we put up on the site. We feel that this will maximize the impact of our content and help gospelthread grow more quickly.

Now, the hilarious thing about all of this is us. As Tom says in this first video, look at us. Our faces were made for radio. Thanks for putting up with us, and for praying for us.


Thank you for blessing gospelthread!

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